Examples of challenges successfully met with modified release tablets


On December 2, 2020, Dr. Mathieu Degomme, Pharmaceutical Project Manager at Skyepharma, hosted a webinar to present our modified release tablets technologies by illustrating them with concrete examples.

Skyepharma has a strong experience in the development of complex tablet formulations since 1996 based on our patented Geomatrix® and Geoclock® technologies. This expertise is available as a stand-alone activity for our customers’ products fo projects of early-stage development, reformualtion, trouble shooting and Life Cycle Management.

Overview of the webinar

Recent research in the pharmaceutical industry focuses on improving patient compliance and drug administration for already established products or molecules recognized for their therapeutic value. Following this trend, Pharmaceutical companies work on achieving innovative product development whilst reducing development costs, keeping generating value and accelerating time-to-market.

In this webinar, Dr. Mathieu Degomme, Pharmaceutical Development Project Leader will present how to address specific target product profiles for versatile therapeutic applications. He will describe concrete case studies of early-stage development programs for complex tablets and explain Skyepharma approach to achieve time-to-market goals.

He will also give an overview of Skyepharma support in lifecycle management for generic development phase, technology transfer, troubleshooting and dual source API implementation.

Register now for this webinar to see on how to maximize value of your product portfolio without impacting your time to market.

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