Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging Services

Fully Customized Packaging Solutions


The customization applies to oral solid dosage forms : bottles, blisters, stick-pack including full serialization and aggregation. We also provide an extensive range of services for sampling, either for promotions or market tests.



Round or Square Glass or Plastic Bottles



PVC, PVDC, aclar, triplex/alu Alu / alu Blister



Skyepharma stick packaging

Serialization & Aggregation

Skyepharma - Chemestry laboratory volumetric flasks

A High Level of Versatility, Quality and Reliability


Skyepharma offers a broad range of packaging services. We operate on new lines (acquired between 2018 and 2020) on a state-of-the-art layout with segregated Primary Packaging rooms.


For Blisters

PVC, PVDC, aclar, triplex/alu Alu / alu Blister

Skyepharma uses all types of plastic and aluminium materials.

For Bottles

Round or Square Glass or Plastic Bottles

With Skyepharma you can have a lot of options like :

  • Coton insert
  • Induction sealing
  • Dessicant insert
  • Broad range of caps solutions : child proof, easy opening and elderly friendly



Many critical tests are carefully carried out by our team throughout this process

At Skyepharma, the packaging stage is a guarantee of Quality.

We have fully automated lines with online in-process controls like :


  • Camera detection (color surface detection for tablets)
  • Integral weighing
  • Cell detection


Assured through our high performance technology

In the video below you can get an overview of the high quality, industry-specific machines we have. The two main ones are the blister and the bottle packaging lines.

Complete Solutions


We provide complete solutions at the packaging stage which is a crucial step.

We take into account and respect the fact that regulations evolve over time in order to offer the best possible option to the end user. Our blister, bottle and stick-pack packaging machines are therefore key elements in the pharmaceutical sector.

A Fully Integrated Offer

Our packaging services are part of our fully integrated offer : as your single provider, we are dedicated to simplifying your supply chain management, from early stages of project development up to commercial manufacturing.  As an alternative to the multiple-point-of-contact post-manufacturing process, Skyepharma can assist you by streamlining your supply chain and making your business operations simpler.

Our newly acquired world-class packaging equipment helps reduce lead times and accelerate the time to market of your products.

Our Most Recent Packaging Equipment

  • 1 New Aranow stick-pack filing line

                   + 1 New blister line to come soon