Skyepharma has many years of experience in the application of its proprietary oral drug delivery technologies to improve the performance of drugs, and as part of a planned pharmaceutical Life Cycle Management programme.

Since it was founded Skyepharma has had a strong focus on oral drug delivery, solving the many challenges of delivering the right dose of a drug to the right part of the gastrointestinal system for absorption at the right time and at the appropriate rate to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Geomatrix™ provides a customisable drug delivery platform for controlled release versions of orally available molecules. Geoclock™ allows for timed release of drugs that is independent of food or pH. Our latest innovation Soctec™ was developed for drugs that need to be retained in the stomach for an extended period of time to then being slowly released either for a local effect in the stomach or for absorption in the upper intestine.

Follow the links in the table below for further details on each of our technologies and how they can be applied to tackle particular challenges. However, each drug presents its own challenges so please contact us for an informal discussion on how we might be able to help you by combining our formulation and development capabilities together with our wide range of technologies.

Technical challenge

Skyepharma’s solution


Product examples

Zero order release


Once or twice-daily dosing

Paxil CR™
Requip® Once-a-day
Xatral® / Uroxatral®

Biphasic release


Rapid onset followed by sustained duration

Diclofenac-ratiopharm® uno
Zyflo CR®

Controlled release of several drugs in a single tablet


Several drugs that need to be released at different times or different rates can be combined in a single dose form

Madopar® DR

Ascending profile


Absorption of drugs in the lower GI tract


Multiple pulses


Two or more pulses of drug release separated by periods of no release

Suitable for drugs having undesirable side effects that can be minimised at certain times of the day


Timed release


The drug effect can be achieved at a pre-determined time after administration


Colonic delivery


Delivery to the colon where absorption of specific drugs is high or for topical effect in the colon


Improved delivery in upper Gastro-Intestinal Tract


For local effect in the stomach or targeted delivery to the duodenum and jejunum where absorption of specific drugs is higher


Improved bioavailability and food effect


Improvement of bioavailability of BCS II and BCS IV drugs


Buccal delivery

Medicated chewing gum

Buccal absorption for improved systemic delivery or local effect

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