Skyepharma has 30 years of experience in the development of products using our oral drug delivery technologies and expertise. We provide a comprehensive range of development services from feasibility studies to full formulation development and scale-up of complex oral formulations, designed to meet a wide range of delivery profiles and using proven technologies. We can apply a broad range of proprietary technologies to develop your specific target product profile and provide additional product protection, and to support your Life Cycle Management strategy.

Drug discovery and API manufactureBullet Orange 4
Formulation developmentBullet Orange 4
Analytical developmentBullet Orange 4
Process developmentBullet Orange 4
Manufacturing of clinical trial materialsBullet Orange 4
Scale-up and technology transferBullet Orange 4
Project managementBullet Orange 4Bullet Orange 4
Regulatory affairsBullet Orange 4Bullet Orange 4
Commercial manufacturing*Bullet Orange 4
Sales and marketingBullet Orange 4

* in conjunction with CMOs

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