Skyepharma’s research and development specialises in oral and inhalation drug delivery technologies. Around 90 employees from a variety of countries work together in our facilities in Muttenz, near Basel in Switzerland. The majority of these are scientists, many of whom hold advanced qualifications, and have many years of experience of undertaking innovative research and development.

Skyepharma’s scientists have extensive oral and inhalation drug delivery expertise and apply powder and particle engineering and process technologies to the development of robust formulations.

Our track record with inhalation products includes successful development of both dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and metered dose inhalers (MDIs) with products achieving approvals in over 60 countries worldwide. Our latest inhalation product, flutiform®, has further confirmed our capabilities in complex inhalation product development from original concept to commercial scale manufacture and supply.

Our considerable experience with oral solid dose manufacturing, especially press-coating and multi-layer tableting means that any formulation that we develop is readily transferrable to pilot and commercial scale production. 

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