Oral drug bioavailability enhancers

Skyepharma has a range of oral drug bioavailability enhancers that use proprietary technologies that act by improving solubility.

Solubility is an essential factor for drug effectiveness, independent of administration route. It is also a major challenge for pharmaceutical companies developing new products, since nearly half of all new chemically-derived drugs are poorly soluble. Therefore many promising compounds never reach the market or are developed in a sub-optimal formulation, providing low or unpredictable bioavailability or posing an increased risk of side effects.

How Skyepharma’s drug bioavailability enhancers work

Skyepharma’s Insoluble Drug Delivery (IDD®) platform comprises a number of major enabling technologies to address solubility issues. The IDD® technologies use microparticles, microdroplets and phospholipids or other surface modifiers to support improved solubility. All excipients used are approved by the US FDA.

Skyepharma’s Soctec™ is a versatile gastro-retentive technology designed to retain a drug in the stomach for an extended period of time so that it can be delivered in a controlled way to the duodenum and jejunum for subsequent absorption, so improving oral bioavailability and duration of action for sustained release formulations.

Skyepharma also has a medicated chewing gum that can be used to improve bioavailability by solubilisation in saliva prior to swallowing.

Benefits of Skyepharma’s drug bioavailability technologies

Skyepharma’s drug bioavailability technologies allow solid oral products to be developed as alternatives to intravenous or ophthalmic formulations of drugs that are currently only available in less desirable forms. The technologies offer the following potential benefits:

  • Improved oral bioavailability
  • Formulations with lower toxicity
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Suitability for high drug payloads
  • Sustained-release depot formulations
  • Suitability across various dosage forms, including oral, topical and pulmonary
  • Applicability to all therapeutic classes, for example including anaesthetics, anti-cancer agents and immune-suppressants

Products incorporating the technology

Our IDD® technology is currently available in Triglide® that is marketed in the US.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your oral drug delivery project.

Triglide was developed by Skyepharma using its IDD technology

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