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Inhalation Drug Development
Expert capabilities
and enabling technologies

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Oral Modified Release
A long track record
and validated technologies

Skyepharma’s success is built on partnering with pharmaceutical companies and applying our expert inhalation and oral drug delivery capabilities.

We welcome the opportunity to explore potential collaboration with companies of all sizes, either by the application of our capabilities and technologies to our partners’ products or for licensing of our own products or technologies.

Applying our technologies and capabilities to make your drugs better

With 14 products currently approved that incorporate our technologies, we bring a wealth of knowledge know-how and our inhalation and oral drug delivery technologies to support the product development or Life Cycle Management strategies of our partners.

We provide a full range of product development services from formulation development to scale-up, through clinical trial supplies and regulatory submissions to commercial manufacturing and supply. Throughout this process, we work with our partners to provide the required drug delivery performance and product profile as part of an integrated project plan.

Licensing opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the licensing of our products or technologies.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing potential collaboration with Skyepharma.

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